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Release Notes for Core 15.09a SC patch releasev15.09a
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-AllJoyn Version 15.09 Release Notes
+AllJoyn Standard Core Version 15.09a Release Notes
Fully Validated Platforms
@@ -15,8 +15,8 @@ verified, but may work:
-Features added in Version 15.09
+Features added in Version 15.09a
* Security 2.0 was added as a Developer Preview Feature (ASACORE-1393)
* The ARDP/UDP transport between TC and RN (Thin Client to Routing Node version
of a UDP-based transport) is product ready (ASACORE-1404/ASACORE-1686).
@@ -27,8 +27,8 @@ Features added in Version 15.09
-Issues Addressed in Version 15.09
+Issues Addressed in Version 15.09a
ASACORE-181 Memory leak on repeated registration/unregistration of the same
BusObject: note this is an unusual use case
ASACORE-1394 AllJoyn Signal sent on an non-existent session id should not
@@ -37,13 +37,16 @@ ASACORE-1865 Lost advertisement packets for quietly advertised names are sent
out actively.
ASACORE-1886 Deadlock in UDPTransport shutdown
ASACORE-1904 javascript NPAPI plug-in crashes Firefox.
+ASACORE-2539 keyExchanger use-after-free in AllJoynPeerObj
+ASACORE-2575 Time-out when changing security configuration of SecureDoor sample
+ASACORE-2590 Local time conversion on Linux is not thread safe
For a complete list of fixed issues:
-Known Issues in Version 15.09
+Known Issues in Version 15.09a
ASACORE-49 Multipoint session lost on joiner side and not binder side
prevents joiner from rejoining
ASACORE-367 Router AJ objects that don't call BusController::ObjectRegister()
@@ -118,6 +121,7 @@ For details of previous releases/release families please see the release notes:
Change history
+15.09a - Bug Fixes: ASACORE-2539, ASACORE-2575, ASACORE-2590
15.09 - Bug fixes, Security2.0 feature, productization of TC <-> RN ARDP/UDP
feature, About feature supported in Javascript binding, Windows desktop
applications will use named pipe when running on Windows 10